A tag that brings all the travel community under one roof.

With a vision of encouraging the young minds to get out of their confined wall phase and also, boost their morale by providing the trips of their own. 
Our motto is to take out your introvert phase and help you to explore the world with your own eyes.

We believe in traveling and seeing the world with your own eyes because looking it in the magazines and books is too cliche. 

Your perspective of other country gets to turn 180 degrees when you see it yourself. 

College, academics, and Adventure all these three entitle and build the very basic core of our generation, to bring a trend among the youth for budget traveling while breaking the shackles of blunt trips.


Explore the world; see every corner, walk on the roads not taken.


Let’s explorevio


"Sमझ :tune into your mind"

(an organization initiating to spread mental health awareness and organizing emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing workshops.) 
And providing platforms where experts can share their experiences in a refined masterclass of their expertise.

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'Kavach - Your Personal Shield'


A utilitarian education management and consulting start-up which is every high school student's virtual one-stop destination for all the issues related to academics as well as career. 

The venture provides top-notch mentorship from experienced educationists from all over the country, seniors and alumni of the top colleges of India, and other professionals from our extensive network.

The venture is taken up to help all high school students prepare beforehand for all the obstacles that might come their way while choosing the best career.

We provide one-on-one mentorship sessions, academic assistance, and tips and updates to crack all your examinations of different fields. In addition to this, we care about the well-being of every high school student and will be providing different sessions on stress management, dealing with lack of motivation and other important mental well-being subjects.