NEP, a time to revisit the trail of Indian education system

  1. Education is the best friend to a person, having which beats everything be it beauty or youth and an educated person gets respected everywhere………..

-translation from the “Chanakya neeti”

It is true to say that employment rates define the present of a country but education defines its future. New Education policy is finally out. We are able to see people either supporting or opposing it, well it is their own point of view, but as a student we all had some mixed kind of feelings that what is going to happen with us. The effect of this policy will surely be tested by time. Here let’s see what all old systems were ab initio.

Education in India has a long history which could be seen in the culture of this land. May be it is the highest number of manuscripts or the presence of great universities like Nalanda or Takshashila in the subcontinent, it is often claimed by historians that before Turkic invasions the entire subcontinent had almost 25 million gurukulas and ashramas where students irrespective of their economic status came and got educated. It also to be noted that in India the starting of schooling or initiation of oneself in formal education is seen to be sacred and hence is an important stage or ‘sanskar’ of human’s life known as ‘Vidyarambha’. The land has always been the worshiper of knowledge. In the 12th century Turkic invasions began in the sub-continent and this also changed the system by adding a new domain to the education that of religion but yet education had the only goal to create a good person. Finally the drift came in the imperial times when the European education system changed the goal to creating merely employees and workforce some major changes came in the years 1757 to 1945 and the third non-government players that the missionary education system came into force and the new trends of convent education began , majorly elites attracted towards them and promoted this particular system of education, post-independence education has much been the same but in a different manner, education for all is now the new goal for the government of our country but yes we must ensure the quality of it , as every year we have a new syllabus , in every 10 years the methodology of teaching changes but for changing the education policy it took 34 long years , it is pretty shocking to know that the country which had a great no of institutions for educating its population now having education as a means of business, the country which gave the concept of universities to the world has no universities in a good ranking , the country which taught the world how civilizations are made into eternal, the country where a teacher is considered above the almighty is now seeing that students are insulting their teachers.

The NEP has major challenges on its way and has a long way to go and as said the test of the new education policy will really be done by time.