To: Mr Rapist

What do you think before you go to sleep at night? Do you effortlessly drift away into dreams? Do you have the courage to face this world? Do you still believe yourself as a man!!! Remember that night when you changed my life completely. I don’t know what goes inside your rubbish mind but whenever I look back, I rush back through all the conversation that I had that night, the food that I ate and everything that happened. I still remember how a stranger demolished my personality and confidence and left me with an ample amount of blood and nothing between my legs except few tissues.

You must be feeling very proud or happy that you destroyed a life just for your lust but wait a minute DEMON these were the stories before now, you have to face an updated version of women. What do you think; demons like you can make women weak, then wake up!! From dreams and see, you cowards made us stronger to fight more devils like you in this world. You thought that this will force women to stay at their home filled with fear but this fear only made us to fight with worst condition in our life .Now parents know that they cannot stay everywhere with their daughter to protect them so they prepare them from the beginning to defend themselves from monsters like you. Have a look beast, you thought as usual people would be ashamed of me but NO, now people around me are not ashamed of me being raped rather they support me and feel ashamed of animals like you. OH sorry, how could I compare you with an animal, because animals are much caring, loving and loyal and they also want themselves to be compared to someone of high level, not dirt like you?

The things that you have done can never be forgiven, as after all these, I just avoided looking into the mirror as it reflected someone else, who was scared, ashamed of herself but u would be very sad to hear that now I love observing myself in the mirror because there I meet a Fearless woman.

My journey from scared to powerful women was full of hardship. But the best part was, I never gave up because whenever I lost hope, scared to go out or scared to face people and decided to give up, every time I heard an inner voice saying “please do not let that monster win” and at that moment ,only one thing that came to my mind was the anger for you and the things that you did to me and this gave me power to never give up ,to show you that every time you tried to destroy me , it made me more stronger to protect myself and survive in this cruel world.

See I finally succeeded, now not a single drop of you is left inside me but then a thought came to my mind, that there would be more women like me and I got worried and came out to see but I was happy that women out there are aware, they have learnt self defence to tackle demons like you and the women who faced people like you are trying to get over from it and they also come forward to create awareness among people and support other victims to overcome from their situation.

That day I realized that why we women give you the chance to overpower us, why we think that we are weak, it’s just a mindset but the actual truth is that if women bear the pain to give you life then they also have the strength to destroy you.

Remember that day ,you left me with an ample amount of blood and nothing between my legs, Be aware, this time I will make sure that if you meet me again then also there would be an ample amount of blood but there would be nothing between your legs.

From: The girl who screamed, NO