Updated: Jul 25, 2020

The Constitution of our country is the base of our Nation. It helps to maintain law and order in our country. In our rule book, there are numerous laws and punishments, like punishment for rape, for murder, for robbery and our court works on the basis of these rules only. Without these sets of rules, any country would be meaningless. We need a certain set of rules and regulations to run the country smoothly.

Our constitution was made by Dr. BR Ambedkar by seeing different kinds of crime and injustice in our country but he would have never thought of the country that we are

in today with maximum crime rates. The number of cases of crime has increased tremendously in the past few years now criminals Invent different methods to commit the crime but their own constitution never invented new rules. Now just have a look at the increment in the crime rate. The crime against women has doubled between 1960 to 2008. Deaths due to Dowry have increased in the past few years and it was reported that in 2012 around 8233 cases of dowry have been filled and it was seen that many deaths of women is caused due to dowry. When we list out the names of crime how can we forget about illegal drug transport in our country? It has also increased tremendously and the result is that 86% of school students smoke drink and use drugs, 47%of teenagers use illegal drugs, and 43% of teenagers use illicit drugs. It was reported that 70% of youth try an illicit drug before the age of 13 because it is still being illegally transported in our country. These are just a few crimes. There are many others like human trafficking, pornography, acid attack. But the question is why the rate of crime has increased so much in our country ? whose fault is it? Are we not following the rules? Or are our rules not so strict? You do not have any answer .let me tell you what the problem is. According to IPC section 376, who- so -ever commits rape, shall be punished for 10 years? Can you imagine just 10 years for ruining someone’s life completely and in rarest of rare cases that is rape plus murder capital punishment is given? This means to see the rapist hanged the victim must die. Don’t you think that 10 years of punishment is too less? I would say yes. If anyone asks me, I would say that this encourages culprit as they think that the punishment is just 10 years and they can literally destroy someone’s life and be free after 10 years.

Remember the Nirbhaya rape case!! Obviously no one can forget that, but one more thing we cannot forget is that the juvenile culprit was punished just for 3 years. Like seriously?? JUVENILE, 17 years and 6 months old boy who raped a woman brutally and killed her, is treated as a juvenile. Our constitution gave a rape culprit just 3 years of imprisonment. The court case was delayed for years and years. One thought came to my mind that why don’t we punish the culprit according to the severity of the case rather than punishing them according to their age? Why do we have to wait for 7 long years to hang these rapists? So what is the solution for it? According to my opinion now our constitution needs to be revised and changes should be made and questions should be raised that way to see the age rather than seeing the brutality. Why can’t we suggest certain changes, because I think our constitution was made in order to provide justice and if in any case justice is compromised then what’s the point? Criminals actually don’t have fear of punishment and that’s why there is a tremendous increment in rape cases, acid attack cases, human trafficking, etc. So, strict rules should be made under IPC sections so that these demons fear before during such type of crime. Decision making in the court should be made fast. Fear should be developed for people having the criminal mentality that the constitution and the rule and regulation of our country won’t leave them we should set an example and for that, changes should be made in our constitutions. Rules should be updated according to the cases. As there are still many rules that do not justify the cases. So how do you get the idea why I titled this essay as Constitution 2020- An updated version? It is because it’s high time to update our constitution.

Change is the nature of life, so we should update our constitution

Before criminals update their mentality!!!!