‘Do we really have respite in laws?'

The slackness in enforcing the law is having an unfavourable impact on the crime rates. The scrupulosity with which the Indian laws were laid is appreciated in the entire nation, de facto, it is primarily referred to penalise the already occurred crimes. Is humanity really freed of the insecurities with the penalties imposed on the convicts? The law neither seems to efface the crime nor does rollback the victim’s loss.

The frequency of heinous crimes, like rapes, has constantly been on rise, leaving the country in utter dismay with yet another incident every day, while the laws have already been established long ago. The stated high penalties have failed to instil a fear to the attempt of such crimes, moreover, they nowhere guarantee a diminished rate of these odious acts. With each case being only an instance of violence of which thousands in our country become hostile to, due to the shame which comes coupled with the victim’s abuse, the country is no longer safe for its citizens. The slackness in the enforcement of the law is evident as the crime rates are clearly not depleting and most victims are threatened to raise their voices, apparently, the existing law seems to be purposely oblivious of the cause that stems these blots on the society.

As citizens, if we are meant to respect the country’s law and order, which is a by-product of trust, it is a humble plea to the government to revive our trust again and deal with the root of the problem before dealing with its aftermath by taking measures to appeal to the conscience of young minds to respect everyone, enhancing literacy rates, empowering women, taking precautionary steps, etc. We are in great need of a revival.

Sarah Daniel