Everything You need to know about Pride Month

Updated: Jun 29

Love is love, despite the fact with whom? Pride month is entirely dedicated to the LGBTQ community. Every year in the month of June, the LGBTQ community comes together to honour the Stonewall uprising in the US. They take pride in being who they are and everyone actively celebrates their impact on society. The most beautiful part of this month is that the people who don’t belong to the community join in to celebrate the beauty of love. June is full of colours and beauty to be precise.

On June 28, 1970, the first pride march took place, on the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. The sources suggest there were three-five thousand marchers in New York, but if we talk about the recent years the count has increased to millions.

Gilbert Baker Pride Flag

Gilbert Baker designed the first rainbow pride flag with a bunch of volunteers by hand. They had adopted eight colors initially – hot pink(sex), red(life), orange(healing), yellow(sunlight), green(nature), turquoise(art), indigo(harmony) and violet(spirit).

As the support for the queer community popularized, the flags were in demand. Mass production of these flags led to the removal of hot pink and the other two colours were replaced by basic blue. This six-colour striped flag is now an international symbol for the LGBTQ community.

Stone-Wall Uprising

In the 1950s and 1960s, gay Americans faced an anti-gay legal system. Homo-sexual struggled a lot in order to prove that gay people could be assimilated into society. Social and Political movements such as civil rights movements and counter-culture were quite active in the last 1960s. The stonewall uprising was a series of protests and clashes which were a response to police raids. The riots began in the early hours of 28 June 1969 in New York City.

The police raided Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village as a result the gay people had to forcefully leave the bar. Thirteen people were arrested including the employees and the suspected were asked to go to the bathrooms so those female officers could verify their sex. One of the officers hit a lesbian over the head as he forced her to get into the van. In response to that, the woman shouted to create awareness and the people who were present there started throwing pennies, cobblestones and other objects at the police.

This led to six days of protests and clashes with law enforcement on Christopher Street. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the riots on June 28, 1970, thousands of people marched through the streets of Manhattan from the Stonewall Inn to Central Park in what became known as "Christopher Street Liberation Day”. This was America’s first pride march and people were chanting “gay and proud".

Global Pride Day

Every year it is celebrated on the 28th of June. Initially, the number of people who celebrated this day was less but now people celebrate it from all over the world. There are colourful parades, concerts but this year people are going to celebrate it virtually. The fact that the LGBTQ community now has started gaining support from all across the world from straight people as well is really heart-warming.

First Pride Parade in India

The first Pride march in India took place on July 2, 1999. This tour was called the Friendship Walk. The march began with fifteen of the participants, and some of them had come from other towns and cities in India, including Mumbai and Bangalore.

Other than Lesbians, Gay people, binary/non-binary people and transgenders there are many more who form the Queer Community- Polysexuals, Pansexuals, Omnisexuals, Ceterosexuals, Demisexuals, Grey Asexuals, Asexuals, Polyamory, Intersex, Trans MTF, Trans FTM, Agender, Gender-Fluids, Bigender, Trigender, Pan Gender, Gender-Queer, Demi Girl, Demi Boy, Androgyne, Intergender, Homo-romantic, Biromantic, Panromantic and Aromantic.

If you know people from the LGBTQ community, be kind to them and support them. Happy Pride!

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Parkhi Mahajan