Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Why do we need progress? Why do we need to have a greater economy? Is it just for competing and proving ourselves better? Well if you think it is so then you might be wrong.

With evolution humans have proved themselves to be the most intelligent beings. We have made us the only rulers. Now that, due to the disturbances in the earth’s core we have been divided as continents,  nations and countries. Each have had their own way of progress in field of economy and deal consequences accordingly. India has been famous for the export of spices and cloth such as muslin in trade .we have been under British for over 200 years that had given rise to modernization and westernization culture through the development called “industrialization”.


 But then with the new techno-world it has changed the mindsets of people. Ever since our independence , we might have built huge buildings but our thinking is still the same. We might have built fancy buildings but the bitter truth is we are getting divided. Our knowledge has increased but our wisdom has decreased.

Today, we have multiple perceptions but our values, morals and ethics have lost their way. How can we call ourselves independent when we have never chosen the right path to progress and succeed. We have just made life a race better a competition where we either loose or we win. Looking at the contemporary stances it is not at all that we are rising?  What is the point of following a democracy when it’s not possible to look after such a large population.

Well, progress is not in one’s hand but it is in the hands of all. So, it’s high time we realize that success is not what we need it is what we achieve being together. Be a part of change, create a new world and life for everyone.