Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Can we imagine situations rather than creating them? Or shall we wait for that situation to arise? When did we develop so much that we forgot that once we were beginners, we did not know what is religion? We were more dependent on each other and supporters of each other.

Why have we developed so much that we have forgotten our origin. Religion is a traditional belief of value of a creator in every individual. Every religion has its own norms and culture to be followed. Every religion is a unique one and it teaches us something. But sometimes this word “religion” creates conflicts between the different groups of individuals because for their diversity. In layman’s language, religion is the division of different communities or its synonym can be faith. Religion makes the correct path for an individual, brings kindness, it recalls the memories of festivals, it unites people, it gives us a ray of hope, gives a will to live, ours prayers are answered but just like the two sides of a coin religion creates division also, it makes an individual trust god and not themselves and it creates an atmosphere of conflicts and tensions. Is religion that important? Well to some people it is as by religion many gain respect, can people of two different religions marry? Well the constitution has a provision for people from different religions to marry but still there are various prejudices about different religions, it makes situations more difficult and then after marriage life becomes tough. But marriage cannot be stopped because the individuals are from different religions, what matters most is love.

What if India has just one religion? It may be a good option like there won’t be conflicts and there would be peace.  But a point to be also noted that religion is not the most accurate reason of conflicts and tensions, the reason why there is a conflict going on everywhere is because people do not appreciate their differences but instead count if they have something in common or not or just try to figure out similarities. Their differences in opinions, views, culture, values, beliefs, tradition, culture, fashion, lingo and perspectives create a division and not just their religion.

At the end, religion won’t decide anything, the greatest of all religions is humanity; and we all should remember that we are humans. Sometimes a change is not acceptable but accepting something would keep you happy which would create a better life as you would create place in the society. Why cannot we appreciate our differences and understand that each one of us is unique?