Is This My Fault?

We live in a beautiful county with diversity. We live in a country where we have got, not just one religion but many religions to follow, not just one festival but numerous festivals to celebrate, many languages to speak but how can we forget that this country also gave us the fear ‘’THE FEAR OF GETTING RAPED’’, ‘’THE FEAR OF GETTING BLAMED’’.I think everyone would agree but females are the evidence that we don’t have fear of death but we actually have fear of going out at night, fear of silent roads, fear of darkness and even fear from our neighbours .So ‘’what do you think’’ the major cause of these kind of fear is today’s increase in rape case ,or is it the society that blames or is it the mentally ‘’who things girls provoke men’’.

When we look at the data that is available of 2017 , every day approx 90 women are raped ,in 2017 total number of cases that was registered was 32500 among which 18300 were disposed by the court but around 127800 cases was still pending at the end of 2017. In the past few year rapes has not been stopped rather it had increased.

What is the reason for such an increment in these number????

According to me the first reason is that, the number of cases that are not register are equal or more than the number of cases that are being registered and this is because of our great society who thinks that, it is the women who are responsible for being raped. Though Rape victims are taught to fight for themselves, to fight for justice but they are never taught how to fight the narrow mined people of our society. when we ask someone that ‘’would you marry a rape victim’’, some will say yes but there are many people who will say no, and I think this is the reason why many cases remains unregistered, now also in villages girls family fear that if the news about their daughter being raped does come out her life would be destroyed.

Now do you get the idea that why the identity of the rape victim is kept secret?

The cases that are not registered because of any reason whether it is of shame or fear of the society becomes a major reason in the increment of the cases because the culprit of these case are not punished and they feel that they can do this heinous crime again and again as many girls do not have the courage to register a FIR against them. At this point victim becomes weak and this turns out to be the strength for the culprits.

’women should see what they are wearing’’, ‘’exposed clothes will provoke men ’’; “If girls would go out late at night this will only happen’’.

These are the words that we often hear from the people, now would these people answer me that what a 5 year old girl should wear because this cruel word has targeted them also. 9 years old girl was raped in 2019 in Karnataka, 5 years old girl was sexually assaulted and killed in Mumbai, and in 2018 a blood-soaked body of a six month old infant was recovered from the basement of a building in Indore and it was confirmed that she was raped before murder. Can these people tell me what a 6 months old baby should wear , do they seriously wear provoking clothes or it’s just a excuse of men to rape women regarded of their age. The answer is NO, then why do we blame women instead of blaming cheap mentality of men.

What should we do ,stop going out just by the fear of getting raped , “IS THIS MY FAULT’’ , I would say no, actually it’s our society who “teaches us to fly but they cut our wings’’ , “they train us to be strong but crush our soul’’, “they encourage us to follow our dreams but they fill it with nightmares”.

If we want to stop these cases we should first, of all teach the boys to respect women because a girl may not be his sister or mother but she is someone’s responsibility. Secondly, our society should open up their doors for the rape victims because you cannot even imagine what they have suffered , so if you cannot decrease their pain so kindly do not increase it my boycotting them. Thirdly, the rape punishment should be so brutal that other people should imagine the consequences before doing it because in our country the punishment is 7 year if it is just rape, if it is brutally raped then life imprisonment and in rarest of rare case capital punishment. Why we wait for rarest of rare case why not we teach every rape culprit a lesson, why not we brutally punish every culprit so other men fear to do such crime.

Fourth according to me depending upon the case amendment should be done in our constitution because whether a rape culprit is 25, 30 or just 17 ,If a person have raped a women then all of them should be given same punishment.

Why to change girls, why not we change our boys;

I think half of the problem would be solved from this.