Kisaan Bachao

I am a farmer's daughter and granddaughter, a rather furious one. The president gave an assent to three bills (now acts) a few months back which claimed to bring revolutionary changes to the agricultural sector and help double farmers' incomes, having done enough research I can safely say these are false assertions. Now here a few things to support what I just said:

1. APMC (the mandi) is a regulatory system which enforces the minimum support price (MSP), the law however seeks to allow farmers to sell their produce outside APMC. The government says it is beneficial because the farmers would get better prices considering no mandi fees would be levied on goods sold outside the mandis. Now, the truth- the bill is just a bait, better prices outside the mandis is to lure farmers to get out of the mandi system for once and for good leading to abolition of minimum support price which would leave farmers at the mercy of big corporate houses.

2. The farmers are dependent on the middlemen to sell their produce and help them financially when needed however the law supports doing away with these Arhatiyas(middlemen) without them farmers do not know whom to sell and collect payment from. The harsh truth-the banks do not support the farmers, the middlemen do.

You see what the government is trying to do here, taking whatever is left from the powerless and making the rich, richer than ever. How?

- agriculturists would have no choice but to sell their produce to companies which care about nothing but profit, let alone the enviornment and the farmers. We all know who would benefit, directly AMBANIs and ADANIs (indirectly government). There's no other reason to why government would pass such a bill even after it turned out to be a big failure in bihar and other developed nations.

NO MSP + NO Middlemen = Death warrant for farmers

But the three laws are not all, there's more -

The proposed Electricity (amendment) Bill, 2020 is harmful as the provision of cross-subsidy in the proposed bill is "impractical" and not in the interest of farmers and poor. The farmers will face crisis regarding irrigation of crops if the subsidy on electricity given to farmers is not continued and this will affect the production of food grains and the country will face a crisis. Therefore, the present provision of giving electricity subsidy to the people and farmer of the poor section of the society should be continued . The bill should be suspended alomg with the acts . The farmers don't deserve this. Aloo in the aloo pranthas we have in breakfast are because of the farmers who grow them . Everything we eat is because it is provided to us by them. The country needs it farmers .

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~Shagun Seth