Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. LGBT have gained more and more acceptance in India, especially in big cities.

Most LGBT people in India remain fearing discrimination from their families, who might see homosexuality as shameful. Discrimination is still present in rural areas, where LGBT people often face rejection from their families and forced opposite-sex marriages.

People in the LGBT community are fighting for equal rights and acceptance. Trans people, especially, face a lot of difficulty in finding acceptance. This is the major issue because discrimination against the LGBT community is highly prevalent. In the 21st century, homosexuality may be acceptable to more Indian youths than ever before but within the boundaries of families and schools, acceptance still remains a constant struggle for LGBT people. I have heard of people declaring to their families that they are not the person their family expected them to be.

Being L, G, B or T is not a ‘problem’, nor is it a ‘choice’ as such. LGBT individuals are merely individuals who have sexual preferences that differ from what would appear to be the ‘norm’, Having a personal perspective and mindset that differs from everyone’s wrong for people to have sexual preferences that differ from the norm is objectively wrong itself.

If normal men and women have the right to live in this society with respect then why not a person who belongs to LGBT can live in this society with respect. It’s not about what our religion says it’s about what humanity says…

I think everyone who is living in this world, either normal or abnormal has equal rights to live in this society with full respect.

Written by Sidhi Sehgal

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