A woman is unstoppable when she is dedicated towards her goals and aims. Its hard to believe but yes, a girl can do anything. Some would ask how is that possible? Well, women are the most untapped reservoirs of the world. Many women have proven themselves capable to excel in whatever ways they could. They are strong enough to take their own decisions and with efforts and hard work they can achieve whatever they desire. Taking the examples of Melinda Gates, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi, Marie Curie, J.K.Rowling, P.T. Usha, Mary Kom, Indira Gandhi, Shakuntala Devi and many more. These women have excelled in their respective fields of Business, Politics, Science, Police, Sports, Mathematics, Logic, and Writing. Their excellence proved that a woman is no less than a man. It was just the mindset of the people who state that females cannot do anything, capable of being killed or abandoned. Women are given small term service time, why? Because she would have hormonal disbalance by age, she suffers from periods, she has to be married and have kids but then these factors have never stopped her from achieving her goals. Being a wife and a mother, J.K.Rowling had started to write Harry Potter; Mary Kom still continues to be in the top lists of the World’s Women Boxing Champions after having 3 children; Melinda Gates is one of the topmost recognized Businesswoman of this age; Shakuntala Devi is known to be as the human calculator and Kiran Devi is the first woman IPS Officer of India.

Even if somebody compares the growth of a woman there are lots of examples to give such as P.V.Sindhu, Kiram Mazumder Shaw, Nirmala Sitharaman, Queen Elizabeth II, Rihanaa and many more. A girl child is a blessing, not a curse. A woman can do anything, everything, the world needs to know and should acknowledge it. A woman knows who she is, what can she be best at, what is she capable of doing and she also know what she wants to be. Nobody can stop her from achieving her dreams. She knows what’s on the other side of the sea and she is willing to accept the risk. Nobody can come in her way, no orthodoxy, misogyny or authority. She knows she can change the world. That’s why she raises her voice for everyone who questions and judges her. The world needs to know her capabilities and how can she be a change in this world.

Change the outlook of the society and not what she is or she can be. There is nothing she cannot do.

- Akankshya